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About Us
Our services include the school network system, dormitory network system, TANet system, school email system, personal information protection, management of computer center and campus software authorization. 
1. Manage and maintain school network system
2. Manage and maintain dormitory network system
3. Application of network accounts.
4. Manage and maintain computer facilities
5. Manage and maintain the network servers including WWW, Proxy, Mail, Netflow, DNS.
6. Computer system planning and maintenance.
7. Manage the computer center. 
8. Create e-Campus system.
9. Assist the e-Campus matters.
10. Other administrative support. 
11. Integrate the e-learning system. 
12. Plan the school network infrastructure and integration of information systems
13. Backup the databases.  
14. Plan the training for information technology. 
15. Plan, create, and manage the wireless network.
16. Manage and create the network, and fix the network failures on campus. 
17. Update the anti-virus software. 
18. Deal with the software authorization and purchase. 
19. Promote the information security policy of the Department of Education.